D O C . 4 5 5 T R A V E L D I A R Y 4 5 1
This morning quietly at home. Afternoon reception at the university with intro-
ductory talk.—
Long hall, cylindrical vault. Spirited speeches, I, mumbling in French amidst
commotion. Uncultured affair.
28. First lecture in overfilled hall in seething heat. The young are always pleas-
ant because interested in things. Likable education minister is also
useless visits, but tolerable enough.
In evening of the 27th, small party at Hirsch’s. He, a powerful willful person,
she, a beautiful Jewess, an Alice-type translated as
House with
magnificent pictures and organ. The craving to take possession of beauty, or buy it
up, is the first step from the barbarian to the refined person. Comparable to a child,
for whom it is not enough to be pleased at the sight of a butterfly, having rather to
grope after it or even put it into its mouth in order to get the satisfaction peculiar to
a child.
29. Rainy Sunday in blissful peace alone in my room in the morning. One needs
quite a lot of external disquiet in order to find one’s bliss when it is quiet. My prepa-
ration for that in the past half-week was copious enough. Afternoon walk with Mr.
Wassermann. 30. Rainy Monday 30. In afternoon, lecture with
ning at Robert’s together with Hofer; how much we have
12–½ past 1 visit
to Prensa. Immense waste of paper and people and technology for? One realizes
how sad the times
31. Visit to the editorial office of Dos Volk and to the Jewish quarter as well as
many “schools” and the
The tragedy of the Jewish people: It looses
its soul along with its lice. Is it the same with other peoples, too? I do not believe
quite as markedly.
In the afternoon, with Hofer on his country estate in “El Tigre.” Has a daughter
of genuine Swiss type and lives very contemplatively.
1 April. In the morning, flight over city by Junker hydroplane with Mrs.
Exalted impression, especially at lift-off.
In the afternoon, visiting ministers and president. Visit to the ethnological mu-
seum, lecture, and dinner at
That’s enough.
2 April. Visit to La Plata. Pretty, quiet, Italian-like city, with magnificent univer-
sity buildings that are furnished in North American style. Visit to the very interest-
ing natural history museum. Inaugural ceremony of the semester with a very long
speech and musical
3 April. Meal with rector.
4. Evening, Robert with Dreyfus. The latter clever and yet pleasantly relaxed.
Makes smart, middle-class, good-humored impression. Beforehand, afternoon lec-
ture in Faculty of Philosophy on representations of spherical
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