5 6 D O C . 5 7 C O M M E N T O N A N D E R S O N
57. “Comment on the Note by W. Anderson ‘A New
Explanation for the Continuous Corona Spectrum’”[1]
[Einstein 1923m]
Published 9 June 1923
In: Astronomische Nachrichten 219 (1923): cols. 19–20.
The view expressed in the mentioned note, that the deflection of light in the vi-
cinity of the Sun could be caused by an electron gas, seems untenable to me. En-
tirely disregarding the question of whether an equilibrium of the kind envisioned
by the author were possible, and whether such a gas of the envisioned density were
transparent enough, this hypothesis cannot explain the light deflection because it
delivers a deflection effect of the opposite
A. Einstein.
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