160. “Einstein Is Ready to Bet on His Theory” [Einstein 1926e] Dated between 11 and 16 January 1926 [1] Published 16 January 1926 In: San Francisco Examiner, p. 6. EINSTEIN IS READY TO BET ON HIS THEORY Miller’s ‘Ether Drift’ Deductions in Mount Wilson Experiments Held All Wrong by Savant. By O. D. Tolischus. Staff Correspondent Universal Services.[2] Berlin, Jan. 15.— Prof. Dayton C. Miller, whose attack on the theory of rela- tivity caused a sensation throughout the world, is all wrong and the theory stands unimpaired.[3] This was asserted today by Prof. Albert Einstein, father of the theory, in an ex- clusive statement to me. What is more, Prof. Einstein is willing to back his faith in his theory with actual cash and take on any bets offered. Prof. Miller claimed on a basis of 5,000 experiments on Mt. Wilson he had dis- covered an “ether wind” which made a difference in the speed of light depending on whether the light traveled with or against the wind. If Prof. Miller is right, not only would the theory of relativity collapse but the whole world of scientific thought backed by some 4,000 scientific books, would stand revealed as one of the most gigantic mistakes of history. Here is what Prof. Einstein says in reply to Prof. Miller’s claims: If the results of Prof. Miller’s experiments should be confirmed the theory of rel- ativity could no longer be maintained. For the experiments would then prove that, with respect to the movement of the earth under certain conditions, the speed of light in a vacuum would be dependent on direction.
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