D O C . 1 6 0 E I N S T E I N T O B E T O N H I S T H E O R Y 2 9 5 Therewith would be disproved the principle of the constancy of the speed of light, which is one of the foundation stones, and the one on which the theory of rel- ativity rests.[4] There exists, however, in my view, practically no possibility that Prof. Miller is right. His results are irregular and point more to a still undiscovered source of error than to systematic effect.[5] Published in San Francisco Examiner, 16 January 1926, p. 6. For the complete German version, see Doc. 161. [1]Dated by the dates of Abs. 258 and Doc. 161. [2]Otto D. Tolischus (1890–1967) was a journalist at the Hearst Universal Service. [3]See, e.g. Miller 1925a. [4]He raised the same counterargument in Doc. 49. [5]Tomaschek 1926.
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