D O C . 7 7 E S S E N C E O F Q U A N T U M M E C H A N I C S 8 1 76. The Essence of Quantum Mechanics [Brussels, 28 October 1927][1] [See Doc. 77 in this volume for translation of published version.] 77. The Essence of Quantum Mechanics [Einstein 1928] Dated 28 October 1927 Published 1928 In: Électrons et photons, Rapports et discussions Solvay 1928, pp. 253–256. Mr. Einstein.— I must excuse myself for not having delved deeply into the es- sentials of quantum mechanics. Nevertheless, I would like to make some general remarks.[1] One can indeed adopt one of two standpoints with respect to this theory regard- ing its postulated range of validity, which I would like to characterize on the basis of a simple example. Let S be a screen in which one has made a small opening O (Fig. 2), and let P be a hemispherical photographic film with a large radius. Let us suppose that electrons impinge on S in the direction indicated by the arrows. Some portion of them passes through O owing to the small size of the opening O and their particle velocities, these will be scattered uniformly over all directions within the hemisphere and will register on the film. [p. 253] [p. 254]
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