1 2 2 D O C U M E N T S 1 0 6 , 1 0 7 D E C E M B E R 1 9 2 7 106. To Hans-Georg von Beerfelde[1] [Berlin,] 17 December 1927 Dear Mr. Beerfelde, You don’t need to persuade me to support the idea of an organized antiwar army,[2] because I am already very much in favor of this cause and will do every- thing I possibly can to advance it. 107. To Leopold Infeld [Berlin,] 17 December 1927 Dear Dr. Infeld, I haven’t yet been able to read your article in detail,[1] since I am at present ex- ceedingly overworked. But I should like to inform you at this point that, on the ba- sis of countless efforts, I have come to the conclusion that starting with the affine connection, it will not be possible to arrive at a satisfactory theory of electro- magnetic phenomena. In particular, concerning your postulate of a nonsymmetric metric tensor, this path also seems to me to be impracticable. To the arbitrary tensor g, there is a corresponding symmetric tensor ,[2] which determines the magnitude of the vector. From this, the projection of the vector onto another as per your minimal requirement also follows . For the formulation of this con- cept, introducing the asymmetric component would thus seem superfluous along- side the symmetric component, it therefore represents a completely independent convention, so that a combination appears to be quite superficial. Meanwhile, it seems as if Kaluza’s method of the [---]-formal 5th dimension still may achieve the most. I send you by the same post a relevant article.[3] In the meantime, best regards,
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