1 2 6 D O C U M E N T S 1 1 3 , 1 1 4 D E C E M B E R 1 9 2 7 113. To Walter Lauterjung [Berlin,] 28 December 1927 Dear Mr. Lauterjung, Your observations are completely correct.[1] The magneto-motive effect of rotation on ferromagnetic bodies has already been experimentally detected.[2] To be sure, it does not follow from those experiments whether the carriers of the mag- netism are electrons that are orbiting the atomic nuclei,[3] or those that rotate around their own axes, or both together. A direct detection of the gyroscopic prop- erty of electrons has not yet been successful.[4] Respectfully yours, 114. To Nathan Straus [Berlin,] 28 December 1927 Dear Mr. Straus, A friend having drawn my attention to your eightieth birthday,[1] I heartily desire to offer you my best wishes on this occasion. You have devoted a large part of your life with exceptional success to preventing human suffering, and in doing so have not allowed yourself to be led astray by any boundaries of race and nation. More- over, you have succeeded in helping to strengthen Jewish solidarity. May you be granted a harmonious old age along with the good cheer and health that you need to complete your life’s work. Best regards, your Albert Einstein 115. From Mary Sheepshanks 12, Rue du Vieux-Collège, Geneva, Switzerland, 30 December 1927 [See documentary edition for English text.]
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