1 6 0 D O C U M E N T 1 5 4 M A R C H 1 9 2 8 competent and energetic person, in a year there may be nothing at all left to save. I will speak about this with Mr. Felix Warburg in America and it will be very valu- able to me if you have sent me your statement on Magnes’s letter and on the two telegrams in a form that allows me to make it very clear to Mr. Warburg that you are completely serious about the choice you indicated in your last official letter to me—fundamental reform or public resignation. In the meantime I have negotiated further with Brodetsky and on the basis of these discussions drafted the enclosed letter to him, which I would ask you also to sign, assuming that you are in agreement with its terms.[6] The letter is only a non- binding inquiry it in no way commits the board of trustees.[7] But precisely in view of the previously mentioned obstacles, it seems to me right to pursue the matter a little further, even before I leave, so that we at least have a clear answer from Bro- detsky in hand when the board of trustees meets. By the way, I expressly told Brodetsky that he should take no steps with his university authorities in Leeds be- fore the board of trustees has made a final decision. So if you approve of this letter, I would ask you to sign it and then send it to London, where it will be sent on to Brodetsky. Furthermore, with regard to the last telegram, I consider it advisable to mention only Brodetsky’s name to Magnes. Therefore I have written him a letter, a copy of which I am enclosing for you.[8] But this letter will be sent only from London if you are in agreement with its formulation. I would like to draw your attention in particular to the second and third paragraph[s] of this letter, in which I refer to a letter from you that I have not yet received. If you want to change these paragraphs, I would ask you to tell Leo Kohn. It can also be done after my departure. I hope to discuss these matters in detail with Felix Warburg, and will keep you informed, possibly through London, as to how things are progressing. Sincerely yours, Ch. Weizmann
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