D O C U M E N T S 1 6 0 , 1 6 1 M A R C H 1 9 2 8 1 6 9 160. To Heinrich Zangger Davos, [22 March 1928] Dear Zangger, Thanks very much for your letter.[1] We were just now in the Engadin, but visited Ilse only once for a few hours.[2] She is definitely better, but the basic woes seem unchanged, it’s just that she can walk better and has fewer pains. Here university courses are being given.[3] It is very interesting, especially Lévy-Brühl on the mentality of primitives and Goldstein-Gelb on a certain psychic split seen in the case of certain brain injuries.[4] Also other interesting things. I never tire of listening. The economist Oppenheimer is extremely significant,[5] also for you. His thesis is that the theft of land is the precondition for any exploitation. Warm regards, your A. Einstein 161. From Heinrich Zangger [Zurich, after 22 March 1928][1] Dear Einstein, You write from Davos about presentations of great interest. The subject fasci- nates me too.[2] The new viewpoints concerning primitive experience are probably important, and everything that other races construct as life is also important,[3] of- ten worthy saints but less noisy, less constricting, jealous, and self-conscious than they are among our races and the nation. Your wife writes that you had some problem with your heart. What was it?[4] I just saw Bezzola,[5] and he told me that you look bad—you have to take care that this does not become disturbing—I know from experience how unpleasantly that affects work, if one does not quickly achieve a compensatory balance. You will have to do some training. I think [that in] Berlin Prof. Jungmann (I med. clinic[6]) would be the man for you he can advise you and that is also a kind of relativity theory but necessarily one that takes into account colloids (whose living existence you said your physics did not allow so you will see that like everyone, you need guidance—these have been facts ever since Hippocrates Can I see you? *** telegram** today I.4146— —I received another report. In any case, get well soon Zangger What did you think of Grisebach, who also gave a presentation in Davos?[7] When are you in Berlin—I won’t let you go, in the long run this is more serious than the CO oven of twenty years ago in Zurich.[8]
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