D O C . 1 7 1 O N S P I N O Z A S E T H I C S 1 7 5 171. On Spinoza’s Ethics[1] [Berlin, before 13 April 1928][2] How much I love this noble man More than I can say with words. But I fear that he remains alone With his radiant saintly nimbus. ——— For a Such a poor little fellow You don’t lead to freedom The amor dei[3] leaves him cold Life draws him mightily on Heights only give him a chill For him reason is stale food Possessions, wife, honor, house Fulfill him from top to bottom ——— You must kindly forgive me If here I think of Münchhausen[4] Who alone throve on the feat Of lifting himself by his own bootstraps. You think Spinoza’s You think his example shows us What histhis doctrine can give humans My dear son, what crosses your mind? One must be born to be a star! Don’t surrender Don’t trust comforting appearances: One must be born to the sublime.
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