D O C U M E N T S 2 6 1 , 2 6 2 S E P T E M B E R 1 9 2 8 2 6 1 261. To Luise Karr-Krüsi Scharbeutz bei Lübeck, [1–10 September 1928][1] Dear Lux, Thanks for the nice card. I have been living peacefully in the countryside be- tween the forest and the sea for two months now in a quiet private house, enviable for someone otherwise so largely deprived of tranquillity.[2] The inner thump- thump has settled down, but a real schlemiel has remained behind, for whom noth- ing of proud splendor has remained apart from a healthy sense of humor. This little letter has, by the way, another external reason. A good friend of mine, K. Kocher- thaler, is just now bringing his first-born son, named Polo, piccolo spagnolo, to the Polytechnic School.[3] He is a nice, fresh young lad and I would like to ask you, if not exactly to mother him, at least to aunt him a little if he shows up at your place. Maybe your figlio might also have some fun with him.[4] Currently, Maja is with us and maintains proudly that she has given Edith back everything that she bor- rowed from her in her time.[5] We are very happy together. I am very pleased that Edith and her husband have now found a satisfactory activity in “chemical bleaching.”[6] I hope everything is going well there. Kind regards to you and Hans, your Albert 262. To Aby Warburg[1] [Scharbeutz, 10 September 1928][2] Dear Prof. Warburg, It was a great joy for me to be allowed such a deep insight into your industrious activities and at the same time also get to know you and your wife personally.[3] It was particularly interesting for me to see how little effort is required to lead cred- ulous humans around by the nose. What is especially amusing is that the planets were mixed up with the civil year while completely pursuing their vagabond exis- tence. In Kepler’s time, it may not have been possible to handle that otherwise, since he would probably have been ashamed to earn his bread by means of such a clumsy game.[4] Incidentally, today a sharp-eyed Gypsy fortune-teller woman was at our house she made no use of astrology, but rather looked people in the eye and knew more than she was inclined to say. With warm thanks for the visit you and your wife made to us, as well as for the interesting printed materials, sincerely yours, A. Einstein
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