D O C . 3 0 9 O N B E S T B O O K S O F 1 9 2 8 2 9 5 309. On the Best Books of 1928[1] [Einstein 1928s] Dated 10 November 1928[2] Published 8 December 1928 In: Hans Luther: Das Tagebuch, 8 December 1928, p. 2099. Albert Einstein 1. Von Deutschlands eigener Kraft, by Dr. Hans Luther.[3] (A splendid account of Germany’s economic situation.) 2. Die Geschichte des braven Soldaten Schwejk im Weltkriege, by J. Hasek.[4] (A subtle capacity for characterization and a unique kind of humor, extremely de- licious medicine against fascination with the military and caste prejudices, and at the same time genuine and authentic art.) 3. Sentenzen und Maximen, by La Rochefoucauld.[5] Inselverlag, but first pub- lished in 1665. (Eternally valid maxims about human nature.)
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