2 9 6 D O C U M E N T S 3 1 0 , 3 1 1 N O V E M B E R 1 9 2 8 310. To Wilhelm Herzog [Berlin,] 10 November 1928 Dear Mr. Herzog, I am in principle inclined to sign such a petition.[1] However, it would be abso- lutely necessary that the proposal be examined beforehand by a competent lawyer. Don’t already existing laws provide any recourse against those who are guilty of such acts of negligence? It must definitely be seen to that the wording be compat- ible with other provisions of the penal code. A proposal that is not carefully worked out in this way would have no chance of success. Therefore I make my signature dependent on a well-known lawyer’s assurance that decisive legal objections of this kind could not be brought against the proposal.— Respectfully yours, 311. Elsa Einstein to Emanuel Libman[1] Berlin, 10 November 1927 [1928][2] Dear Professor Libman, How nice and kind, that you are thinking of us! The professor is doing significantly better. But he has begun to grow fond of his disorder. He would like to remain “officially” ill life goes so much more smoothly without all the duties and responsibilities that encumber him when he’s healthy. He has “shuffled off” the League of Nations and many other institutions to which he belonged, and without this burden he feels much better.[3] (Naturally, he remains officially in the League of Nations.) But this kind of illness is very convenient one says no, permanently! In reality he is doing much better, even if not as well as when he was healthy. He regularly takes the pills Lichtwitz gave him,[4] as he loyally does everything that Lichtwitz tells him to do. He does breathing exercises and light gymnastic exercises. A fort- night ago, Lichtwitz spent a pleasant evening here at home with us. What a mar- velous, witty man he is! Here, my husband is not treated by anyone else, and he asks physicians with whom we have become acquainted to visit him as friends but not as doctors. And they do. I hope you are in good health certainly you are working and thinking very fine things! Kind regards also on behalf of my husband, sincerely yours, Elsa Einstein
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