D O C U M E N T 3 7 8 O N G E R M A N R E PA R AT I O N S 3 5 7 378. On German Reparations [Berlin,] 19 January 1929 Below you will find the desired answers.[1] Respectfully yours, 1) In the case of those who in fact have to pay, that is, the great majority, there is no “moral duty.” They pay just as involuntarily as earlier they waged war.— 2) Germany will pay because it must, assuming that it can. 3) I consider this question meaningless, because I cannot imagine any reason- able point of view from which to answer it. 4) Germany will be able to pay with the right hand only what it has borrowed from America with the left hand, unless America sits back idly and agrees to buy German products for so much money that the German payments can be made with the proceeds.[2]—
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