D O C U M E N T 4 2 4 F O R E W O R D T O B E R G M A N N 3 8 7 424. Foreword to Bergmann 1929[1] [Einstein 1929ll] Dated 8 March 1929 Published 1929 In: Hugo Bergmann. Der Kampf um das Kausalgesetz in der jüngsten Physik. Braunschweig: Vierweg 1929, v. It is well known that physics in our time entertains serious doubts as to the fea- sibility of a strict causality, owing to the influence of the results of atomic physics.[2] Thus it is quite well justified if a professional philosopher, who can be praised to an unusual extent for his mastery of the philosophical literature, for his independent thinking, and for his knowledge of the essential, relevant physical facts and his attempted explanations, takes up the analysis of this problem. May the small book contribute to encouraging the quest by the best thinkers of our time to- ward a convergence of the mental efforts of physicists and philosophers.[3]— Respectfully yours, 425. Message for Opening of the Jewish Health House in Kishinev [Einstein 1929p] Dated 9 March 1929 Published 11 March 1929 In: Jewish Daily Bulletin, 11 March 1929, p. 2 [See documentary edition for English text.]
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