D O C U M E N T 4 7 6 O N T H E O D O R H E R Z L 4 2 3 476. “A Memorial for Theodor Herzl”[1] [Einstein 1929s] Published 31 March 1929 In: Neue Freie Presse, 31 March 1929, p. 14. The twenty-fifth anniversary of Theodor Herzl’s death will be in July of this year.[2] A great man and an important writer, one of the renowned founders of the Viennese feuilletons,[3] [Herzl] died twenty-five years ago in the prime of life. In addition, he cast the idea of Zionism into the world like a burning torch. The idea grew and grew and today it is the common property of the civilized world. Theodor Herzl wanted to lead Russian Jews out of the narrow confines of the Ghetto and the constant fear of pogroms in their original homeland. With these plans, to which he devoted precious years of his youth, he created a Jewish ideal and the new, young, powerful, subtler forces and capabilities of conscious Zionists. Herzl was pugnacious in nature and never, ever gave in. He taught the oppressed to rise up, hold their heads high, and to fight against persecution and injustice. A monument should be dedicated to this man. We ask all those who can and wish to contribute to it to do what they can to erect it. A plaster model has already been completed by the sculptor Sándor Járay[4] and now awaits its realization in marble. It is kindly requested that donations be sent to the offices of the Neuen Freien Presse.[5] These donations are to be used for this purpose and appropriated on a case by case basis. Dr. Raoul Auernheimer, Vienna Hermann Bahr, Munich Max Brod, Prague Pro- fessor Albert Einstein, Berlin Dr. Friedeberger, London Dr. Ludwig Fulda, Berlin Director Max Goitein, Berlin Director Siegmund Hirsch, Berlin General Director Oskar Kaufmann and wife, Bucharest Fritz Kortner, Berlin Councilor E. Lothar, Vienna Dr. Rudolf Lothar, Berlin Professor Dr. Josef Redlich, Cambridge Felix Salten, Vienna Siegfried Trebitsch, Vienna Professor Lesser Urn, Berlin Jakob Wassermann, Aussee Franz Werfel, Vienna Stefan Zweig, Salzburg.
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