D O C U M E N T 5 3 9 M AY 1 9 2 9 4 6 3 rather as a commitment to justice and mutual trust, as an outflowing of peoples’ friendship and brotherhood. The merging of the peace organizations of the partic- ular denominations in a single working group signifies a further step along the same path. Supported by the cooperation of all the like-minded forces, the interdenominational working group seeks to help establish a general atmosphere of peace and to promote, through practical work, the protection of lasting peace in international law. These same ideas and feelings animate insightful individuals among all peoples. Believers in religions of love and peace will join hands over boundaries.” The working group’s appeal has been signed by Dr. h.c. Spiecker Dr. von Stauß, Director of the Deutsche Bank D. Steinweg, director of the Central Committee on Internal Missions Superintendent Ungnad Professor D. Siegmund-Schultze Ms- gr. Lichtenberg, member of the Papal Privy Council P. Stratmann o. P. University Professor Dr. Dessauer, member of the Reichstag Dr. Adler, head of the office of Municipal Planning and Building Control Kuratus Hinz Imperial Archive Coun- cilor Dr. Schäfer Oskar Wasserman, director of the Deutsche Bank Professor Dr. Albert Einstein Rabbi Dr. Baeck Dr. h.c. Kleemann, director of the Dresdner Bank Willy Dreyfus. Letters should be addressed to the office of the Working Group, Berlin-Schöneberg, P.O. Box 326. 539. From Max Planck Berlin NW 7, Unter den Linden 38, 31 May 1929 Dear Colleague, Since I was unfortunately unable to speak with you after yesterday’s meeting, I will take this opportunity now to return to our conversation before the meeting. In that conversation, you expressed the possibility of permitting a translation into En- glish of your two articles, “Riemannian Geometry with Distant Parallelism” and “On the Unified Field Theory,”[1] on the condition that you could add a few intro- ductory words about the perhaps still provisional character of their equations. I myself would be quite happy with this alternative, because I think that for the his- tory of the development of your theory, it will perhaps be important later for their original versions to be known in England and in English-speaking countries, more so than will be the case from only the German Sitz.[ungs]ber.[ichten] of the Acad- emy. NB! The publisher Blackie & Son is the only book dealer who has approached the Academy with a request for permission to publish an English translation of your articles.[2]
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