D O C . 6 4 L E C T U R E O N S P E C I A L R E L AT I V I T Y 4 6 9
[12]In 1904, Edward W. Morley (1838–1923) and Dayton C. Miller (1866–1940) attempted to rep-
licate the Michelson-Morley experiment (see note 8) on a hilltop, to test whether altitude had any
effect on the experiment (Morley and Miller 1904).
[13]See Stokes 1845.
[14]Ritz 1908a, 1908b. Einstein discusses Walter Ritz’s theory in Einstein 1909b (Vol. 2, Doc. 56),
Ritz and Einstein 1909 (Vol. 2, Doc. 57), and Vol. 4, Doc. 1, pp. 34–35.
[15]De Sitter 1913a, 1913b. See also Einstein’s discussion in Vol. 4, Doc. 1, p. 35, and his praise of
Willem de Sitter’s work in Einstein to Paul Ehrenfest, 28 May 1913 (Vol. 5, Doc. 441).
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