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January 27 Registers his change of address from Berlin to Zurich,
Hochstrasse 37/Merz. Provenance: SzZ, Einwohnerkon-
trolle. [76 528].
January 28 Wilhelm von Siemens asks Max Planck’s opinion on
Freundlich’s request of January 20 (see entry for this date).
Provenance: GyBP, I. Abt., Rep. 1A, Nr. 1656. [77 268].
January 30 Edgar Meyer proposes to the Philosophical Faculty II of the
University of Zurich that Einstein be invited for summer
semester 1919. Provenance: SzZU, ABF, Einstein,
Lehraufträge 1918–19. [82 911].
January 30–31 1-page TC from Svante Arrhenius to Nobel Committee.
Proposes Einstein for the Nobel prize in physics for funda-
mental work on Brownian motion and related problems.
Provenance: SSVA, Center for History of Science, 1919
Fysik. [83 049].
February 2 Max Planck, appended to Siemens’s letter of 28 January,
approves Erwin Freundlich’s request on condition that Ein-
stein agree with it upon his return from Switzerland.
February 3 During intermediate semester, plans to offer course for war
veterans on theory of relativity at the University of Berlin.
Provenance: Philosophische Fakultät der Universität Berlin.
Zwischensemester für Kriegsteilnehmer und Hilfsdienst-
pflichtige vom 3. Februar bis 16. April 1919. Berlin:
Scholem, 1919. [79 163]. Began holding these lectures not
until his return from Zurich at the end of February.
February 7 Hermann Weyl expects a “big dispute” (“große disputatio”)
with Einstein about Weyl’s “new extension of the theory of
relativity” (“meiner neuen Erweiterung der Relativitätstheo-
rie”) in the Physics Colloquium to take place in the evening.
Provenance: Hermann Weyl to Felix Klein, 7 February
1919. GyGöU, Cod. Ms. Klein 22B, Bl. 31–32. [81 831].
February 8 “Aufruf an die freie Jugend aller Stände und Völker.”
TTrPD. Co-signatory as member of Freundes-Rat des Inter-
nationalen Jugend-Bundes et al. Provenance: Republik.
[58 829]. Reprinted in Die Friedens-Warte. Blätter für zwi-
schenstaatliche Organisation 21, no. 3 (April 1919): 74–75.
[83 643].
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