D O C S . 1 3 1 , 1 3 2 O C T O B E R 1 9 1 9 1 1 3 step backwards. A general at the head of the institute! Is it then possible to stay at the institute? I feel little inclination for it. I would be very grateful if you would lend us your powerful hand in support. In hoping that you are feeling well, I am, with best regards, yours very truly, Schweydar. 131. From Zurich Physics Colloquium Zurich 1, 69 Rämi St., 11 October 1919 All doubts have now been spent At last it has been found: Light naturally is bent To Einstein’s great renown! Hearty congratulations from The Zurich Physics Colloquium:[1] Edgar Meyer, S. Ratnowsky, Pólya R. Bär, P. Epstein, P. Debye, G. Iring W. Steidler, K. W. Meissner, J. Weyssenhoff A. Weinstein, Janusch Libert-Weinstein Hello, hello! Edith, Janka Meissner (little hen) Arn. Libert, Wolfke, Hartmann, H. Brändli E. Stoll, Zangger, Sophie Rotszajn H. Lourie, H. Weyl, E. Zermelo, Mohrmann.[2] 132. From Relief and Works Agency for Palestine[1] [Berlin, 13 October 1919] Highly esteemed Professor, Mr. Hermann Struck informs us[2] that you have announced to him your willing- ness to sign the appeal for the Palestine Foundation Fund Drive.[3] In noting your consent with many thanks, we take the liberty of submitting the appeal to you for your k[ind] perusal. With great respect, yours very truly, Relief and Works Agency for Palestine B[erger.][4]
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