2 7 2 D O C . 3 2 6 F E B R U A R Y 1 9 2 0 academic teachers are underpaid here just as they are over there—it would be dif- ficult for me to travel to Cambridge from there. What a pity that I am unmarried then I would have invited you to visit me here in Sheffield. But that would be dif- ficult for someone living in just two rented rooms. I am delighted that you will write the supplement[3] and I agree fully with your proposals regarding the individual remunerations (pursuant to your letter of the 7th of this mo.). I shall write Vieweg at once and ask that he grant his approval that you and he together receive 4 pence for the translation rights, to be prec[ise], that you each receive 2 pence.You will then receive 2 pence more for the supplement, but one does not need to mention that to Vieweg. I share your view that it is perhaps not best that your earlier papers appear in English. I did, however, gather with pleasure from your letter that you would be in- clined to allow that your lectures be published.[4] I talked to my superior about this and we both think that that would be very desirable. Yet I am more of an experi- mental physicist than a theoretician and I do not know whether I could do justice to such an important topic. I did attend lectures on relativity in Vienna[5] and there- fore may be more familiar with the German terminology than many of my fellow countrymen. Nevertheless I cannot, by any means, presume to have a command of the mathematics involved. I would therefore like to know your frank opinion before I agree to translating your lectures. I am very willing to do so, since I would learn very much in the process, which would be very enjoyable for me. For the proof- reading I could also rely on outside assistance. Or do you think it would be better if a person versed in your theory undertook the translation? Perhaps you can write me about this matter. Might you know approximately how many pages your lec- tures would fill? In any event, if you should publish your lectures in German and in translation, it would probably be best if this were done in such a way that the book appear independently in the two countries and not rely on permissions for translation. And now to another question. It has been suggested to me by an acquaintance of mine and editor of a local scientific journal that the translation of your Vieweg book contain a brief sketch of your life for, he thinks it would be of particular interest. He also suggested that, if possible, a portrait of you should also appear at the front of the book. I fully agree with him and even wrote to my publisher and he replied that he would be in full agreement and asked me to write you about it. Would you be disposed to sending me the necessary information so that I could write an intro- ductory and, at the same time, authentic note on your career, for, as you may well have noticed, relevant reports diverge considerably and it would be desirable that something authentic about you appear. If you could send me your portrait, that would also be very nice. A drawing would be most effectively and easily reprodu- cible, if you happened to have such a thing. I hope you will agree with these sug- gestions and look forward with interest to your answer in this regard.
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