2 9 4 D O C . 3 5 1 M A R C H 1 9 2 0 As I am leaving the day after tomorrow for Italy for 12 days, I can only leave word for Nicolai about the content of this meeting and confidently hope that you, Professor, and the few other close friends of Nicolai can prevent him from taking any new rash steps, by watching over him as constantly as possible.— —[3] A French friend of mine, Mr. Paul Pichon, who frequently stays here in Berlin, gave me three original letters of historical interest, 2 by Alexander von Humboldt, 1 by K. W. von Humboldt, with the request that they be passed on to you, asking you to decide whether you would like to keep them yourself or whether you would like to present them as a gift of Mr. Pichon to the local Academy of Sci- ences or another place you would deem suitable.[4] With best regards, Arco. Document description: “3 enclosures. By messenger.” 351. From Konrad Haenisch Berlin W.8, 12 March 1920 Highly esteemed Professor, I thank you cordially for your friendly letter, which was particularly gratifying to me in view of the sharp attacks from the right wing.[1] Perhaps I may use this opportunity to express to you, in my capacity as head of Prussian public instruction, my sincere congratulations on the great scientific dis- covery which has entered your name forever in the annals of German history of ideas and that of the intellectual history of the world.[2] If I as a layman obviously cannot draw an adequate picture of the full consequences of your discovery, Mr. Moszkowski was recently so kind as to devote an hour to this, to give me at least an approximate concept of the immense significance of your discovery.[3] It would be a special pleasure for me if you, highly esteemed Professor, would grant me the honor of your visit. May I suggest for it—provided your time allows it—next Mon- day, the 15th, and specifically the time between 10 and ½ past 10 in the morning? I look forward to your kind reply and am, in expressing my utmost respect, yours, Haenisch Minister of Sciences, Arts and Public Education.
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