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346. To Richard Fleischer
[30 December
[Not selected for translation.]
347. To Richard B. Haldane
[Berlin,] 30 December 1921
Right Honorable Lord Haldane,
As the year 1921 passes, my heart presses me to recall the great experience of
my English trip and to thank you as well as your sister [Lady Mary] once again cor-
dially for being allowed to spend those unforgettable days in your
What makes this personal acquaintance with you so valuable to me was seeing the
rare union of kindness and wisdom that you have been endowed with. The relations
between both countries so close to your heart have changed little materially since
those summer days; but the psychological situation seems to me to have improved
enormously. Freethinking minds are rediscovering their old sympathy toward
England, which despite such great successes has not yet become arrogant, always
maintaining instead this admirable modesty which the states and nations on the
continent do not seem able to
Over here I often talked about how you drove out into the countryside in order
to offer a lecture on political economics to miners. All in all, I saw and learned
much during those days; the greatest of all was the sight of a society that feels so
deeply rooted in its history that it appears to itself primarily as a mere “generation.”
I browsed through your great work many times and delighted in it, although my
unfortunately insufficient knowledge of your (alas!) rich language does not permit
In the sentiment of sincere gratitude and with warm wishes for 1922, I shake
your hand, yours,
A. Einstein.
348. From Federico Enriques, Paul Langevin, Pierre
Weiss,[1] Paul
and Giovanni Malfitano[3]
[Paris, 30 December 1921]
[Not selected for translation.]
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