D O C U M E N T 4 2 9 F E B R U A R Y 1 9 2 3 7 1 7
me that—if you consider accepting a position in Italy—he is prepared to look into
a way to meet your needs. And on my part I add that, for such a purpose, one could
in the meantime look for an opportunity to bring you here for some lectures and to
have a chance to discuss in person the formalities of the matter.
Please have the kindness, meanwhile, upon receiving my letter (which I don’t
know how to address except to your old address in Berlin) to send me a line in reply,
so that I can hurry to communicate with the minister. In the meantime, needless to
say, I ask that you consider my letter as confidential, as the minister has expressly
requested avoidance of the press hearing of this idea too early.
I am grateful to have the opportunity to write to you, recalling the unforgettable
days in Bologna, with devoted friendship,
Federigo Enriques
TLS. [9 234]. Written on the author’s letterhead.
[1]Enriques (1871–1946) was Professor of Projective and Descriptive Geometry at the University
of Bologna.
[2]In the second half of October 1921, Einstein lectured at the University of Bologna and was
offered a position there (see his letter to Elsa Einstein, 12 November 1921 [Vol. 12, Doc. 296]).
[3]Giovanni Gentile (1875–1944) was Professor of Philosophy at the University of Pisa.
429. To Chaim Weizmann
[Haifa, 11 February
Lieber Herr Weizmann!
Ich habe gestern und heute Realschule und Technikum in Haifa
von der bisherigen Lehrarbeit einen sehr günstigen Eindruck bekommen. Es wäre
eine grosse Wohlthat, wenn die Möglichkeit zum Beginn der Lehrthätigkeit im
Technikum geschaffen werden könnten, denn alles ist bereit und das Bedürfnis
gross. Hier sind die Schwierigkeiten gross, aber die Stimmung zuversichtlich und
die Arbeit bewunderungswürdig
Herzliche Grüsse und guten Erfolg Ihr
ALS (IsReWW). [33 364].
[1]Dated by reference to the tour of the Reali School and the Technion (see Doc. 379, entries for
10 and 11 February 1923).
[2]The Reali School and the Technion.
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