x i i LIST OF TEXTS Vol. 9, 140a. To Albert Karr-Krüsi, 17 October 1919 Not selected for translation Vol. 7, 33a. Statement on the Hebrew University, 18 February 1920 Vol. 7, 39a. Page proofs for “Propagation of Sound in Partly Dissociated Gases,” before 29 April 1920 “Schallausbreitung in teilweise dissoziierten Gasen” Not selected for translation Vol. 10, 80a. From Mileva Einstein-Mari , before 23 July 1920 Not selected for translation Vol. 7, 45a. “Opinion on Jakob Grommer’s Textbook Project,” before 11 October 1920 “Gutachten von Professor A. Einstein über das mathematisch- physikalische Unterrichtswerk von Dr. J. Grommer” Vol. 7, 50a. On the Present Situation in Theoretical Physics, 14 January 1921 Vol. 7, 52a. Opinion on Eggeling and Richter’s Invention, 3 February 1921 Not selected for translation Vol. 7, 56a. “International Relations in Science,” 2 April–10 August 1921 “Internationale Beziehungen in der Wissenschaft” Vol. 7, 56b. Professor Einstein on the Proposed Hebrew University of Jerusalem, before 3 April 1921 Not selected for translation Vol. 7, 60a. Calculations on a Cooler, July 1921–March 1922 Vol. 7, 65a. Expert Opinion on Proposal by Heinrich Löwy, 12 October 1921 “Gutachten” 1. To Charlotte Weigert, early 1922 2. “Preface” to Bertrand Russell, Political Ideals, 1922 “Vorwort, Bertrand Russell. Politische Ideale. Berlin: Deutsche Verlagsgesellschaft für Politik und Geschichte m. b. H., 1922 3. “The International Character of Science,” before or on 1 January 1922 “Die Internationale der Wissenschaft” 4. From Max Born and James Franck, 1 January 1922
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