1 8 V O L . 7 , D O C . 3 3 a O N H E B R E W U N I V E R S I T Y
Vol. 8, 510a. From Heinrich Zangger
[Zurich, after 16 April
[Not selected for translation.]
Vol. 9, 35a. To Luise Karr-Krüsi[1]
[Berlin,] 6 May 1919
[Not selected for translation.]
Vol. 9, 140a. To Albert Karr-Krüsi
[Berlin,] 17 October 1919
[Not selected for translation.]
Vol. 7, 33a. Statement on the Hebrew University
[Berlin, 18 February
The thought that the dream of a Jewish university is now close to materialization
elates me. Considering the general interest among Jews in academic things and the
great hurdles impeding the Eastern European Jews from studying, establishing the
Jewish university would be a necessity even if the development of Palestine had no
need for an intellectual center. However, we also need the university to train Pales-
tine’s academic youth so that the country can be motivated to a develop its own
cultural life. Interest in the new university among Jews living abroad will assure
that a lively exchange be maintained between the new university and the civilized
nations of Europe and America so we do not need to fear crippling isolation. May
the university become a new shrine for our nation!
Vol. 7, 39a. Page proofs for “Propagation of Sound in
Partly Dissociated Gases”[1]
[Berlin, before 29 April
[Not selected for translation.]
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