V O L . 7 , D O C . 4 5 a O P I N I O N O N G R O M M E R 1 9 Vol. 10, 80a. From Mileva Einstein-Maric [Zurich, before 23 July 1920][1] [Not selected for translation.] Vol. 7, 45a. Opinion on Jakob Grommer’s Textbook Project[1] [Berlin, before 11 October 1920][2] Expert Opinion by Professor A. Einstein on the Mathematical Physics Text- book by Dr. J. Grommer Dr. J. Grommer has been working diligently in constant consultation with me on the textbook assigned to him. He has already developed part of the material using a modern scientific approach in as simplified and clear a form possible. Basic arithmetic (elementary operations, irrational numbers, etc.), ca. 2 printed sheets Algebra (linear equations) 1 ½ printed sheets Mr. Grommer encloses herewith the outline of the entire work, of which I thor- oughly approve. I am convinced that Mr. Grommer, on the strength of his rare mathematical knowledge and talent, is very suitable for authoring an academically appropriate textbook for the university in Palestine of use to students in engineering as well as to aspiring mathematicians. He is working on it with dedication and zeal. I would like to permit myself to advance the following for consideration. Mr. Grommer has been familiar with Hebrew since his youth. Nonetheless, it should be realized that the technical terminology in use in the exact sciences, in a certain sense, still needs to be devised in Hebrew. Therefore, in my view, the right thing would be for Mr. Grommer to be in direct contact with the mathematics teachers in Palestine so that the mentioned terminology evolve as uniformly as possible. Transplanting Mr. Grommer to Palestine would be advantageous also because then the immediate teaching needs could guide his choice of material completely. sig. A. Einstein.
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