D O C . 3 7 9 T R A V E L D I A R Y F E B R U A R Y 1 9 2 3 3 2 3 which I read out with difficulty. Afterwards, words of thanks (quite witty) by Herb. Samuel & walk back and forth over the hilly road. Philosophical conversations. Evening, invitation from major dignitaries with scholarly and other conversations.[225] That evening thoroughly contented with all these farces! 8th. Drive to Tel Aviv ½ past 9–12 in automobile. Reception in high school. Visit of many hours. Light gymnastics by pupils. Short thanks to them.[226] Reception in city hall named honorary citizen. Moving speech.[227] After lunch, visit to the elec- trical Ruthenberg center under construction, the municipal central power station, the quarantine camp, the sand-brick factory.[228] Then major public address before the high school with speech by Mossinson and me,[229] visit of agricultural exper- iment station, scientific night courses (Czerniawski) and the engineers’ association, where I received a diploma and a splendid silver box.[230] Supper at Talkowski’s. Evening, cultivated gathering with talk by me.[231] The accomplishments by the Jews in but a few years in this city excite the highest admiration. Modern Hebrew city with busy economic and intellectual life shoots up from the bare ground. What an incredibly active people our Jews are! 9th. Morning workers’ assembly. Very impressive.[232] Visit to agricultural school. Mikve[233] Large wine cellars. Eggs being artificially incubated must be cooled once a day. And the Jewish Rothschild colony, Rishon le Zion.[234] Both establ enterprises already 50 years old. Old man delivered a welcoming address in the village. School lesson, children in the garden. Happy impression of healthy life, but economically still not yet quite independent. Train ride to Jaffa together with Joffe (physician and cousin of the Russian) through plains with gradually approaching mountains. Arab and Jewish settlements. Jewish salt works station before Jaffa. Workers came to train station to greet me.[235] Arrival in Haifa after the beginning of the Sabbath, despite Mr. Struck’s forewarning. Walk through enor- mous filth with Ginzberg and the physicist Czerniawski to his brother-in-law Pefzner. Wife delicate and of acute intelligence.[236] Comfortable room upstairs. German maids. In the evening, a lot of unimportant people out of curiosity, but also Struck and wife.[237] 10th. Viewed technical high school (Sabbath). Prussified but capable director Biram.[238] Struck’s apartment. Lunch with him there with pleasant conversations. Visit with Weizmann’s mother, surrounded by x sons, daugh- ters, etc.[239] Walk up [Mt.] Carmel with Struck. Encountered Jewish woman laborer. Climbed onto pastor’s roof with magnificent panorama of Haifa and sea.[240] A Jewish pioneer [Chaluz] accompanied us down the sloping street to the apartment of an Arab friend. The common folk know no nationalism. Visit to an Arab writer with German wife.[241] Evening party at the technical [p. 36v] [p. 37]
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