D O C . 2 9 3 O N C E N T E N A R Y O F K E L V I N 4 6 1
Published in Die Naturwissenschaften 12 (1924): 601–602 on 25 July 1924.
[1]William Thomson (1824–1907) was Professor of Physics at the University of Glasgow.
[2]See Thomson 1867. Einstein discussed Thomson’s multiplier and its relation to his own
Maschinchen in his Lecture Notes for Course on Electricity and Magnetism, University of Zurich,
Winter Semester 1910/1911 (Vol. 3, Doc. 11, [p. 28]).
[3]See Thomson 1872. The quantity h in the figure above is the capillary depression measured from
the surface of the fluid.
[4]The constant σ is more commonly known as the surface tension.
[5]See Helmholtz 1858 and Thomson 1869.
[6]The last equality follows from Stokes’s theorem and the fact that the curl of a gradient is identi-
cally zero.
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