D O C U M E N T S 3 2 5 , 3 2 6 S E P T E M B E R 1 9 2 4 3 2 9
something difficult, but which one considers right. Yet I do not have this feeling,
but rather the opposite, of having acted unnaturally and ungratefully toward fate.
Have a look at this entire matter like an observer just descended from Mars, and
tell me again your conclusion […]
P. S. Today is the begging-meeting. I am quite curious how it will go. I like slov-
enly Vienna again very much; it is like a balm for a Berliner—whether for long or
even forever? Probably not, since after all we are condemned to only experience
the “different” intensely.
325. To Elsa Einstein
Innsbruck, 27 September 1924
Dear Else,
Everything went well in Vienna; the result was
Nice city, from
which I got nothing, though, apart from—the food. It was very pretty here, but the
League of Nations affairs are rotten, even P. was
—I can’t
help. Today I’m traveling to Zurich. It was very comfortable at the
Zurich, I will properly fulfill my duties.
Best regards to you all, from your
326. To Elsa Einstein
[Zurich,] Monday [29 September 1924]
My Dears,
I’m just on my way, in a new muslin collar, to see
who is a quite inter-
esting man. Yesterday I spent the whole day with the
and played music with
them. The day after tomorrow it’s onwards to
This evening I’m visiting
I traveled with
from Innsbruck to Zurich. On the 5th I’m going
directly to Uncle
and then to Holland. I’m staying at the Augustinerhof
because my ex is applying the
She puts on her best face and cooked mac-
aroni, even very well. Yesterday I went to see Pygmalion with
It was
coarsely acted but that piece is indestructible. I also got nicotine-free tobacco here;
like straw.
Best regards from your
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