D O C U M E N T 4 4 7 F E B R U A R Y 1 9 2 5 4 3 9
According to Bose, the molecules sit together relatively more frequently than ac-
cording to the hypothesis of the molecules being statistically independent. I pre-
sented this subject in a second paper that has since appeared in the proceedings, [S.
Ber.], 2nd
The case in classical statistics is also treated there. A 3rd paper
that is currently in press contains considerations that are independent of statistics
and are analogous to the der[ivation] of Wien’s displacement
These final re-
sults have firmly convinced me of the correctness of the path taken.
There is certainly no error in my calculation.
Best regards, yours,
A. Einstein.
P. S. No contradiction with the treatise of 1917
because the Maxwell dis-
tribution persists at a sufficient rarefaction of the molecules; however, my earlier
considerations can no longer claim correctness at a greater density of the mole-
cules. In that case, the interaction between the molecules becomes relevant, and
which has meanwhile been taken into account statistically, but whose physical na-
ture still remains puzzling.
447. From David Hilbert
Göttingen, 28 February 1925
Dear Colleague,
While I now regard the matter of the acceptance of foreigners in the Riemann
volume as definitively settled, I recently received a quite superfluous letter from
our colleague Bieberbach about
As Bieberbach has also contacted you, I am
unfortunately forced briefly to express my opinion on it, in the hope that you will
essentially share the same.
In such an affair as the present one, the “editors” of the
do, I think,
bear full and sole responsibility toward the public; and it was therefore a very wel-
come circumstance that they were unanimously of the same view. A unanimous
opinion among all members of the editorial
would, naturally, be very de-
sirable—as Bieberbach is demanding—but it was simply not attainable; and it is
not at all surprising if in such critical cases not all 13 persons are in accord.
3rd case
3rd case II I
4th case I II.
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