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445. To Else Lasker-Schüler[1]
[Berlin,] 28 February 1925
Esteemed Madam,
Everyone here knows that you are a notable author. You certainly also know that
I heartily wish, for your sake, that you will be able to go on a trip to the land of our
May it happen that this wish of yours is granted.
With kind regards, yours,
A. Einstein.
446. To Erwin Schrödinger
Berlin, 28 February 1925
Esteemed Colleague,
I am only now getting around to answering your letter of Feb.
Your claim is
not unjustified, albeit there is no error in my paper. In the Bose statistics applied by
me, the quanta, or molecules, are not treated as independent of one another. This is
why the formula
is not valid. I failed to emphasize clearly that a special statistics is being applied
here, that for the time being cannot be founded on anything but its success:
The complexion is characterized by indicating the number of molecules that are
present in each individual cell. The number of the thus defined complexions is sup-
posed to be crucial for entropy. In this procedure the molecules are not mutually
independently localized; rather, they have a preference for sitting together with an-
other molecule inside the same cell. One can visualize this easily with low num-
bers. E.g., 2 quanta, 2 cells:
Bose Statistics independent molecules
1st cell 2nd cell 1st cell 2nd cell
1st case
1st case I II
2nd case
2nd case I II
n (
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