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487. “On Asia”
[Einstein 1925r]
Published 17 May 1925
In: New York Times, 17 May 1925, IX, 4:5.
[See documentary edition for English text.]
488. To the Chairman of the Norwegian Nobel
[On board “Cap Norte,”] 22 May 1925
Highly Esteemed
I would like to take the liberty of directing your attention to the activities of Gen-
Rio de Janeiro, because during my visit in Brazil I gained the im-
pression that this man would be highly worthy of the award of the Nobel Peace
Prize. His work constitutes the incorporation of Indian tribes into civilized human-
ity without the use of either weapons or force of any kind. My information comes
from professors of the polytechnic university in Rio de Janeiro, who spoke about
this man and his work most warmly. I was also shown some things recorded on
I have not made the personal acquaintance of General Rondon.
I can provide you with more specifics upon request, but would prefer to see that
you procure such information directly—perhaps through your Norwegian envoy.
In utmost respect,
Prof. Dr. A. Einstein
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