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489. To Mileva Einstein-Maric
Bilbao, 27 May 1925
Dear Mileva,
Now I have the South American trip behind me, thank God, and am coming
home again on the
From Rio I brought back a little basketful of cacti that
the director of the botanical
gave me to take along for you. They are
planted in little pots. I’m taking them to Berlin for the time being, and the difficulty
is only how I should get them into your hands. By end of July at the latest there will
surely be a session of the League of Nations
If it takes place in Ge-
neva, I’ll bring the plants along to all of you myself and stop by in Zurich. Then I
can immediately test what it’s like to sleep in your house. Then I’ll also take along
a collection of Brazilian butterflies for the
that I likewise received in Rio. I
hope I bring them home healthy; I will make every effort. If, however, the meeting
takes place in Paris, as is possible, it will no longer be likely that I can come to Zu-
rich before the vacation. In that case, the boys will probably have to bring both to
Now comes the question of the vacation. In August I would like to be in Kiel
with both
which I’m very much looking forward to. Provided the meeting
of the League of Nations committee does not occur in the second half of July, I
would like Tete to come to Berlin, where there’s much of interest to him. If you in-
sist that he not live in my apartment, he could, of course, stay in Katzenstein’s clinic
But I would prefer, and it would also be nicer for Tete, if he could stay with
me. It would be so nice if the old war hatchet could be buried once and for all,
demonstrated, e.g., by you yourself coming along, which I kindly invite you to do.
I do see other divorced couples living in friendly relationships. This could become
very nice indeed, a kind of pendant to Keller’s story about The Governor of
My youthful crush, Marie
would actually also have to
join in. But that’s out of the question.
Consider it and accept warm regards to you and our dear boys from your
P. S. As soon as I hear how it will be with the L[eague of] N[ations]
I will write again.
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