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485. “Remarks on the Current State of the Theory of
[Einstein 1926a]
Dated 7 May 1925
Published April 1926
In: Revista da Academia Brasileira de Sciencias (1926): 1–3.
[Not selected for translation. See Doc. 484, the previous document, for an English
translation of the German version of this document.]
486. To the Jewish Community in Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro, 11 May 1925
I feel the need to express once again my sense of gratitude to the local Jews on
the occasion of my being named as honorary president of the Jewish Community
and member of the Federation Sionista and the Jewish Library of Rio de
I would like to take this opportunity to encourage all the Jews here to support with
all their might the endeavors of the admirable and tireless Rabbi
With all respect,
A. Einstein.
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