2 3 6 D O C U M E N T 2 2 5 M A R C H 1 9 2 6 attempting to evade the pressure of the cause and to do what their self-interest dic- tates for them. However, it seems certain to me that, in recent months, the desire for renewal of the organization has become stronger. For years, we were all primarily occupied with the acquisition of funds. The necessity of raising money for development, which lay as heavy pressure on the supporters of the Zionist movement, left all too little time for the educational tasks of the Zionist movement. Today, we all recog- nize that, in the long run, we cannot stand by and watch how our most valuable peo- ple are almost exclusively deprived of their actual Zionist tasks. Recognizing this, the executive has returned after long years to the old forms of our work and has attempted to implement an operation worldwide that serves ex- clusively the confrontation between the Zionist idea and the Jewish world.[3] Within this operation, which is to begin with us on 11 April, we intend to host mul- tiple events in Berlin, among other places, with multiple meetings of an academic character, in which we will have it out with intellectuals.[4] I am asking you for your signature for the necessary appeals and invitations, whose texts will be sent to you in advance, and I further ask you whether you are willing to take the floor and speak at one of these events in which, as I already stated, neither Palestine development in general nor the Keren Hayesod[5] in par- ticular will be discussed, but, instead, in which we intend to speak about the objec- tives of the Jewish national movement. This time, the Keren Hayesod is not turning, as I already said, to rich Jews from whom it expects contributions, but, in- stead, the Zionist movement intends to render an account about its nature, and, at a time when the Zionists are denounced by the Jewish world in the governments, to bring Jews to the realization of their actual situation.[6] Above all, we will, in this action, also have to present the exceptional nature of our national aspirations and draw a clear line of separation between our plan and the chauvinistic tendencies of the European peoples.— Please inform me of your opinion. Mr. Jakob Goldschmidt has already declared his willingness to establish a foun- dation for the university in Jerusalem.[7] I will be seeing him in the next few days. Since I assume that Mr. Goldschmidt intends to make his donation to a particular institute, or perhaps intends to establish an institute of his own, I would very much like to discuss with you what proposal I should make to him. I will phone you in the next few days. With best regards, yours sincerely, Kurt Blumenfeld
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