D O C U M E N T S 2 2 6 , 2 2 7 M A R C H 1 9 2 6 2 3 7 226. To Karl-Oskar Bertling [Berlin,] 19 March 1926 Dear Sir, In Stuttgart there is an epistemologist H. Reichenbach whom I hold in very high esteem on account of his accomplishments. As it seems difficult for him to find ap- propriate employment in Germany,[1] I would very much like to get him to Amer- ica. However, he would have to receive an invitation from there, since he could not travel there at his own expense. The Philosophers’ Congress might be an opportu- nity. Mr. Reichenbach has a very good name among the professionals however, de- spite that, it is difficult for me to undertake something in this direction, because I do not know to whom I should turn. I would be grateful to you if you could give me some advice in this regard. Respectfully yours, A. Einstein 227. Statement for the Twentieth Anniversary Issue of Selbstwehr [1] [Einstein 1926m] Dated 20 March 1926 Published 29 March 1926 In: Selbstwehr 20, 13–14 (29 March 1926): 1. Herzl,[2] with ingenious perception, recognized that the Palestine project would be capable of giving the Jewish people new solidarity, new content, and new dig- nity. It is our responsibility not only to collaborate in the work, but also to adhere to the noble attitude that inspired its founder.
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