D O C U M E N T 2 2 5 M A R C H 1 9 2 6 2 3 5 Americans will get a terrible impression. Might it be arranged that I receive travel money for it from the government or from some foundation? As Mr. Philipp Frank wrote me from Prague, I now have a prospect of obtaining a professorship there however, even in the best case, that will still take a long time. If I were in America in the meantime, that would be extremely valuable for me for human and scientific reasons. The world is so dreadfully narrow here. I have now read your most recent work on the expanded rel. th. more closely [5] however, I cannot get away from the feeling of artificiality, which is inherent in all these attempts since Weyl.[6] The very deep insight per se of basing the affine con- nection independently of the metric on only the serves ultimately only as a cal- culational crutch in order to obtain differential equations for and and to obtain the modifications of Maxwell’s equations that allow the electron as a solu- tion. If that works, it is, of course, a great success have you actually achieved something in this direction with Mr. Grommer?[7] However, the entire matter does not have the beautiful persuasiveness of the linkage, in the earlier theory, of gravi- tation and metric based on the equivalence principle.[8] Your note in the Lorentz volume of Physika[9] interested me greatly. Could you please send me an offprint of it? Have you actually had a look at my work on causal structure?[10] I would very much like to know what you have to say about it. So, now I must apologize for having tortured you with such a long letter but it would still be nice if something came of the America plan. I am, with warm regards, your Hans Reichenbach 225. From Kurt Blumenfeld [1] Wilmersdorf, Berlin, Rüdesheimer Platz 7, 18 March 1926 Dear Professor Einstein, The Zionist Organization has had hard times during the last half year. The crisis of the executive, which arose during the last congress, has still not been overcome. The lack of an actual executive has a perceptible effect in all areas.[2] For months, there has been no entity that is able to exercise, through its authority, a moral influ- ence. In times like this, naturally, the self-interest and the vanity of the bad elements bestir themselves. While thousands are committing their funds, their health, and often even their life to further the cause in Palestine, some people are Γik l gik ϕik
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