V O L U M E 1 , D O C U M E N T S 1 6 g , 1 6 h 7 Vol. 1, 16g. To Marie Winteler [Aarau, 18 February 1896] My dearest, Finally the sweet hour is here, when I can write to you again completely unin- terrupted. O my darling, it is beautiful to endure suffering when you console. There must also be shadows in order for us to properly enjoy the bright light. Your lovely tears, which otherwise could so painfully wound the heart, transformed me again into the happy person that your love already made me. What infinite happiness is the feeling: Together we are one soul! Music has so wonderfully united our souls.[1] Love makes us great and rich, and no God can take that from us! It was so kind of you, my dear, to leave behind for me your Italian headscarf, which is so wondrously beautiful when your dear little head is in it. I have had it in my hand & on my head the entire evening, and dreamed of my darling. Whenever I looked at it, it seemed to me as if the mischievous, dark eyes were peering out at me from somewhere, so adorably happy. I did not see you, & yet you had to be very close to me. I felt that & rejoiced divinely. Hopefully, you are also equally happy, little darling child! Eat properly and do not fret at all! Robert has calmed down a lot[2] & is making good jokes again, the most unmistakable indicator of hope. Did you also see the magnificent sunset this evening, my darling? The little birds sang so beautifully of you & I dreamed so sweetly! For today, good night, my sweet darling it is already very late. Sweet dreams and be happy, my comforting angel. One more greeting from the heart, your Albert Vol. 1, 16h. To Marie Winteler Monday night [Aarau, ca. 24 February 1896][1] My dearest, This poor sheet of paper could never have hoped for such an enviable fate as to come into your beloved hands while it was still dangling in my “Descriptive Geometry”[2] & undoubtedly was braced for the worst thing that can happen to such a poor piece of paper (and that means a lot!) That’s the way it goes with fate
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