8 V O L U M E 1 , D O C U M E N T 1 6 j in the world, sweetheart. Man proposes & God disposes, and I even find to my great satisfaction that the less we propose, the better he disposes! Is it not so, my darling? Now you are back again with your naughty little kids, who bother my little angel so much and give her some difficult hours.[3] Console yourself, my darling, when problems with sovereign authority torment you because of your little people. Think about the hours that we try to sweeten everything as much as possible for you, and that you are the favorite little almighty queen of my heart! So in bed with your Italian scarf on my head and so completely immersed in the sweet thoughts of my darling, this is the most beautiful time of the day (with the exception of Saturday, Sunday & Wednesday!) However, for today, I can no longer chat with you, my darling, as I unfortunately still have to absorb a vast amount of chemistry for tomorrow. Sleep sweetly, my darling, be as happy as I am, eat properly & also receive my fondest greetings! Your Albert Farewell, sweet little child, & sweet dreams![4] Vol. 1, 16j. To Marie Winteler [Aarau, 2 March? 1896][1] Sweet [---] Just one day, & yet already an eternity since I have seen your beloved eyes. Oh, when you go away like this, sweetheart, it is as if the soul of the world has flown away, leaving one behind in sweet dreams full of blessed memory & consoling hope, which bit by bit are destroyed by ideas [---] to [---] with you [---] then comes.[---] that you gave me. Then [---] when you laid your angel-[---] on the book, so sweetly and gently and so charmingly closed your sleepy, dreaming eyes and, all the while, smiled happily, my dear sweetheart! My heart beats so loudly for you & has so much to say to you & and yet I don’t know quite how I should say it. But your own little heart is much more clever than my clumsy hand. Everything will be much better for you [---] my darling, than I [---] have dreadfully [---] you, in order to [---] lovely violin wails to me, instead [---] these beautiful, [---] I would like [---] give you the world. [---] my little angel &, consequently, I must love you, these lovely pains. Be happy, little angel, eat heartily and well & enjoy your merry life. Take pleasure in the deep, ideal love and adoration with which I happily think of you every minute. But now, my dear, I am dead tired & it is already 11:30. [---] nearly a thousand [---] from your [---]
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