4 8 6 D O C U M E N T 4 8 8 F E B R U A R Y 1 9 2 7 way everything is so confused [6] then Albert, then the daily trifles,… How would it be if I went with Tete to the seaside in Italy or France next summer, to get away from this for a while, and you visited us there instead of in Zurich? That’s just an idea who knows whether it will be possible. Because it would do Tete good. Since his last flu, he isn’t really up to par.[7] Constant nosebleeds, which, of course, weaken him over the long run. The matter was recently treated surgically, but that was not successful. I don’t know if it will be possible for him to come to you during the holidays if the issue doesn’t improve. Apart from that, everything is going quite well here I’m slowly tackling the modernization of our house [8] I am convinced that my children will take it over in better condition than I got it from my predecessor. If, to brighten my existence, you want to write a few nice and friendly lines now and again, that would be very nice and will always delight me! For today, warm regards, Mileva 488. To Mileva Einstein-Mariü [Berlin, after 23 February 1927][1] Dear Mileva, I was very pleased with your warm letter[2] and also very much agree factually with the content. Tete[3] writes really brilliantly, but it is dangerous for him if one “pays court” to him too much.[4] For one thing, it is indeed ruinous for him when his ambition is stirred up. He could lose the contemplativeness without which deeper development is impossible. Then he will become easily self-satisfied, be- come uncritical of himself, and later become embittered if he does not find reso- nance in the big outside world. One must impress upon him the fact that he must work toward a normal profession that will give him a certain security of social status, which will ensure his internal equilibrium. Creative work on literary things is, as a primary occupation, an absurdity, like, for instance, an animal that eats only lilies. You can do him a great deal of good if you tell him this often and forcefully. It would, however, be good if you sent him to me. I would go with him for a little while to a quiet place where we would be alone. I feel sorry for Albert.[5] He recently wrote me an outrageous letter under the in- fluence of feminine power.[6] He can only save himself internally by disparaging
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