D O C U M E N T 4 8 7 F E B R U A R Y 1 9 2 7 4 8 5 This conclusion is absolutely necessary within the frame of Maxwell’s theory, even when one supplements the considerations from the perspective of the general theory of relativity. Your experiment could only turn out positive if the conception of the electromagnetic field as an antisymmetric tensor were generally false, and a much closer connection between electricity and gravitation existed than has hith- erto been thought. I have long been looking for, but was unable to find, such a theory. ¢Submit an application to the Notgemeinschaft [2] and refer to me in it. You will get the desired funds.² How much money do you need? I myself shall procure the money for the exper- iment. That is best. Thus, you can immediately start your preparations. Best regards, your A. Einstein On 20 Feb.[3] wrote again and canceled procurement of funds, because a laboratory experiment that is preferable to an experiment by airplane is possible.[4] E. 487. From Mileva Einstein-Mariü [Zurich, after 23 February 1927][1] Dear Albert, I have been wanting to write to you for quite a while, particularly last week along with Tete [2] however, he couldn’t wait until I had written a few words, and carried his letter away. He is, unfortunately, quite suffused with the importance of his scribblings he’s getting a lot of fawning attention in this regard, and I fear he is becoming completely spoiled by it: That is the cross one bears when one has gifted children! About Albert’s doings, you will be informed by him unfortunately, he does not seem to want to see reason.[3] How he imagines that two people can live on 225 marks,[4] I do not know. They will be limited in the extreme for the first months Albert will not eat properly, which, of course, will not work in the long run, and then there will already be misery. The daughter-in-law who now “needs nothing, nothing at all, only wants to give,” will then ¢clearly² claim her rights. Your letter[5] gave me much joy in all this chaos. The fact that you think of me so amicably, and fondly remember the hours you spend here, also brings me joy. Unfortunately, I really have too many concerns to truly enjoy any happiness. My family at home give me too much to think about without being able to help in any
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