D O C . 4 9 9 O N P S E U D O - S C I E N C E 4 9 1 My sense of responsibility toward these men and the party obliges me for my part to obtain backup, since it will no doubt meet very sharp attacks from theorists of a different intellectual point of view. Consequently, I feel compelled to deter- mine what personalities I can depend on for support, so that my associates and the party’s political emphasis in the entire brochure will not suffer unnecessary harm. Respectfully yours, H. Kageneck 499. On Pseudo-science [Berlin, after 10 March 1927][1] Away with pseudo-science. Reason remains eternally the handmaid of the will. Ends are not deducible, but are, instead, given. Politics can endeavor only to guide the ¢latter² will in the service of the development of all. Respectfully, A. E. 500. From Arnold Berliner Berlin W 9, Linkstraße 23–24, 18 March 1927 Dear Mr. Einstein, I am quite pleased that one inspired attendee ¢of your lecture² sent me a tran- script of your lecture,[1] about which I have already received many requests for publication. Now I am in a position to actually publish the lecture, if you agree and if you attach your consent to this transcript. If I ask you very nicely, then surely you will do me the favor of reading through the article and retouching it wherever you deem necessary—provided that you agree to it appearing at all in the Naturwissen- schaften—quod deus bene vertat.[2] With best regards, your A. Berliner
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