4 9 0 D O C U M E N T S 4 9 6 , 4 9 8 M A R C H 1 9 2 7 496. To Paul Feldkeller [1] [Berlin, after 7 March 1927] Dear Sir, With regard to the booklet by Eberty,[2] you are right that it contains serious er- rors. I wrote the short preface to it[3] only to satisfy a wish of old Itelson,[4] whom I greatly admire. As for the Newton article, you can imagine that such requests come to me in great numbers. I authored—in accordance with a promise made long ago, an article for the Naturwissenschaften,[5] which you can reprint if you consider it appropriate, but only with the statement “reprinted from Naturwissenschaften.” Dr. A. Berliner,[6] editorial office of Nat. W (Linkstr. 23–24, Berlin), would, of course, send you the printed proofs. Respectfully, A. E. 497. “Einstein Waxes Sarcastic over U.S. School Row” [Einstein 1927h] Published 8 March 1927 In: San Francisco Examiner, 8 March 1927, p. 8. [See documentary edition for English text.] 498. From Count Heinrich von Kageneck [1] Berlin W50, Würzburgerstr. 19, 10 March 1927 Dear Professor, There is a plan to publish the enclosed manuscript as a brochure jointly with other men. Dr. Ludwig Haas of the Democratic Fraction[2] has agreed in principle. He would deliver the political part. Dr. Seydler, 2d secretary of Stresemann,[3] is writing the practical economic part a friend of his, secretary of the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris,[4] will deliver the legal section.
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