7 4 D O C U M E N T S 6 6 6 8 O C T O B E R 1 9 2 7 66. Obituary of Svante Arrhenius [after 2 October 1927][1] Svante Arrhenius[2] pointed the way for new directions in physics and physical chemistry even as a young researcher.[3] The hypothesis which he proved, that salts in solution are split into electrically charged, individually mobile elementary par- ticles (ions), proved to be eminently fruitful.[4] Without Arrhenius, one can hardly imagine the development of our present knowledge of the structure of matter. He possessed a wonderful versatility and strength of thought, and was nevertheless by no means a naive scholar, but rather an astute, kind-hearted, and humorous human being. A. Einstein 67. To Lina Gutherz Straus[1] [Berlin, 5 October 1927][2] Activity as a practical physician and scientific research are two entirely different things. One can be an outstanding physician without being a researcher. The men at Hadassah are physicians but not researchers.[3] What I resent is that 1) You have tried to acquire the rank of professor at the university, to which you have no right[4] 2) You have thrown out Dr. Felix, even though he was the only researcher among you.[5] I have said nothing to the disadvantage of Hadassah. It is fortunate that this in- stitute is effective and thriving. 68. To Club 1926 Berlin, 8 October 1927 I cannot give the desired speech.[1] However, I would not want to miss the op- portunity to express my deep conviction that in the domain of the administration of justice in political cases serious injustices have been committed.[2] The good that has up to this point been done by way of the amnesty is clearly insufficient.[3] In
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