D O C U M E N T S 6 4 , 6 5 O C T O B E R 1 9 2 7 7 3 64. To Rudolf Lämmel[1] Berlin, 1 October 1927 Dear Mr. Lämmel, I am indeed satisfied with the form of the dedication,[2] but I should like to note that it is somewhat imperfect, in that mechanics has not been “completed,” nor is it clear just what is meant here by “structure.” If you really feel that such a monumental dedication is necessary, then I would consider, for example, “the founder of the new mechanics” to be more nearly cor- rect. Kind regards, 65. From Auguste Piccard[1] Brussels, 14 Avenue Ernestine, 2 October 1927 Dear Professor, I am very pleased to inform you that our latest repetition of the Michelson ex- periment on a mountaintop has apparently been a complete success. I chose Rigi for it,[2] since it was possible to set up the apparatus there under a roof at a location that was higher than the mountaintop so that the Miller wind[3] could not be slowed down by anything. Rigi, at 1800 m, is just a bit higher than Mount Wilson. The evaluation of the film on the dividing machine has not yet been carried out, but the interference fringes were photographically registered with good contrast and a sharp focus, so that I can hope that the measurements will lead to a flawless result. I believe that it will be possible to show you the first results on the 24th of Oc- tober when you come to Brussels.[4] On that occasion, my wife[5] and I would be very pleased to invite you to dinner. Since we live quite near my laboratory, the visit could be combined with an inspec- tion of the interferometer. I thus take the liberty of requesting that you reserve an evening for us and that you inform us of the date you choose. Respectfully yours, A. Piccard
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