1 9 6 D O C U M E N T 2 0 2 M A Y 1 9 2 8 course, very young people whose abilities have not yet been fully tested will be ap- pointed for only a limited time. But men who already have the caliber of university teachers, whether they are called professors or lecturers, are entitled to a permanent appointment. Otherwise it will be completely impossible for us, precisely because of the geographical distance and the impossibility of pursuing a career [elsewhere] in the country, to bring a capable staff of university teachers to Jerusalem. And only if we can do that does it make any sense to develop a university there. Finally, so far as the question of the revision of the constitution goes, I believe that we should retain the present constitution along with the complements discussed above.[17] I would be strongly against any lessening of the academic council’s authority. Instead, the latter should be reorganized in a series of profes- sional groups in order to form a genuinely active body. Further, from what has been said above, it follows that I must register my strong opposition to the suggested merger of the academic and the administrative leadership in the official position of chancellor.[18] I have taken the liberty of stating my opinion at such length because this time the questions on the agenda are of such fundamental importance. I wish the board of trustees the greatest success in these discussions heavy with responsibility. In particular, I hope the board will find it possible to carry out the recommended re- form of our university’s academic administration, which is indispensable for it to thrive, and on which I must make my continuing participation in its leadership de- pendent. Yours sincerely, 202. To Chaim Weizmann Berlin, 29 May 1928 Private Dear Weizmann, I am sending you enclosed two detailed letters, the first of which I would ask you to distribute to all members of the academic council and the board of trustees right at the beginning of the meeting, but to present the second only when the main aspect of the question has been dealt with and the academic council and the board of trustees take up the selection of the academic head.[1] I would also like to add a few words addressed to you personally. As I explained to you in my letter of last January, I consider the naming of a competent academic head the A[lpha] and O[mega] of any fruitful further develop-
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