2 2 4 D O C U M E N T S 2 2 6 , 2 2 7 J U N E 1 9 2 8 226. To André Metz [Berlin?], 18 June 1928 Dear Mr. Metz, I wish in particular to thank you most kindly for sending your most excellently written little book.[1] For my part of the honorarium for the article, you can buy me a laxative for my next visit to Paris, in case I urgently need one otherwise for the visit after the next.[2] In regard to Mr. Lefevre, I would like to ask him to refrain from his interview with me, since the long-suffering papers are already sufficiently smeared over with matters pertaining to my person.[3] The matter is in any case practically out of the question, since I am rather ill and will not be able to travel to Paris in the foreseeable future. I have discovered a new possibility within the general theory of relativity of de- scribing gravitation and electricity under a point of view that is different from all the attempts made so far.[4] The first communications about it will soon appear in the proceedings of the meetings of our Academy of Sciences here.[5] With kind regards to you and to Mr. Meyerson,[6] best regards, your 227. To Chaim Weizmann Berlin, 20 June 1928 Dear Mr. Weizmann, After, with your kind help, I have become sufficiently informed about university matters, I consider it absolutely no longer necessary that you and Mr. Brodetsky visit me here.[1] I even ask you explicitly not to make this visit, since my doctors have urgently forbidden me to participate in any avoidable meetings. In the prevailing situation I consider myself no longer able to bear responsibility in university matters. I therefore hereby ask you to strike my name from the list of members of the board of trustees and the academic council, and to notify the mem- bers of both bodies about this. The public will learn nothing about this step from me. On this occasion, I would also like to request that Mr. Fodor not be dismissed.[2] I will try to see to it that he receives another position in this country. Kind regards, your A. Einstein
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