D O C U M E N T 2 2 5 J U N E 1 9 2 8 2 2 3 diagnosed pericarditis, with an accumulation of fluid discharge in the cardiac sac. There is also still congestion. Treatment: salt-free, nitrogen-free food, lying down, diuretics, and especially drainage by all means. Want to see by the result whether Plesch is right. Ehrmann[5] absolutely rejects Plesch’s diagnosis, mainly on grounds of kindness but too firmly. After all, we ourselves are not immaculate an- gels, so let’s have a little kindness with regard to all other piggies! Albert is visiting us here with his wife.[6] He is happy with her and looks good. A child is not, thank God, on the way.[7] Thus there is no reason for complaint. Engadin and Bezzola’s treatment have done Ilse good.[8] It’s true that she is still sick, but her desire to live has grown. In the peace of illness I have laid a marvelous egg in the domain of general relativity.[9] Whether the chick that creeps out of it will be viable and long-lived still depends on the gods. In the meantime, I bless the illness that has granted me this gift. Thank you for having spoken up for E. v. Schneider.[10] The poor thing deserves it, and she is, by the way, in constant danger of going blind. She is putting all her strength into bringing up her son, a quite refined and clever boy whom she had with Nicolai.[11] Best regards, your A. Einstein 225. To the Jewish Telegraphic Agency [Berlin,] 18 June 1928 Dear Sir,[1] I have always been grateful to you for sending me the J.T.A.[2] news bulletin, from which I have often been able to draw useful information. I am persuaded that the continuation and support of your work is in the interest of all Jews, because it contributes to the cultivation of international solidarity in very effective ways. In particular, I would also like to emphasize and praise the objectivity of the reporting, because it is particularly difficult to achieve, given the multiplicity of the tenden- cies and parties in the Jewish world. It would be very desirable that your work find the required financial support. Respectfully yours,
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