2 8 4 D O C U M E N T S 2 8 8 , 2 8 9 O C T O B E R 1 9 2 8 288. Responses to a Questionnaire from Paul Plaut[1] Berlin, 19 October 1928 1. Field of work: elucidation of theoretical questions of principle. 2. Curiosity and obsession usually no external motivation. 3. A desire for increased depth. 4. The result appears to me to be the most essential factor, not the form or meth- ods. Secondarily, a true sportsmanlike enjoyment.— 5. Usually, it is one constructive idea on which the whole project depends. 6. Seeking and even passing judgments occur in the main intuitively. But usually, I can recognize clearly the reasons a posteriori. This is indeed also abso- lutely necessary for the formulation. 7. No! 8. The underlying psychological motivation is probably that mentioned in both cases, at least in the actual creative, inventive processes.— 289. Statement on Lehmann and Petersen 1928 [Einstein 1930e] Dated 19 October1928[1] Published 23 October 1930 In: Hackebeils Illustrierte Zeitung 6, no. 43 (23 October 1930): [1163]. Prof. Albert Einstein writes:[2] In my opinion, the publication of this book can be described as a useful work for popular education. It very concisely offers a lively insight into ancient history to those who have neither much time nor much money to spend.
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